The tags primary use is in children’s footwear. There is a small hole in the center of the tag that you can push open for the shoe lace. The tag is worn between the laces and the tongue of the shoe. (See sample shoe) For Velcro shoes just adhere the tag to the tongue of the shoe and close the Velcro straps over the top. The clothing tags can be sewn into the nap of the neck of Back to school jacket, Rainwear skiwear and the waist band of swimsuits etc.


Each sheet of shoe tags has two Lifesaver Tags. Every clothing tag has four Lifesaver clothing tags.
Clothing tags are thinner and smaller because unlike footwear may come in contact with the child.

Purchase 5 sets of two Lifesaver Tags for $5.00
add as many sets of 4 clothing tags for $1.00 each with you shoe tag order.     

10 tags to 20,000 tags $.40 for each two tag sheets

20,000 to 100,000 $.30 for each two tag sheets

Above 100,000 Tags includes a logo of the sponsors with a die cost of $500 to be added as a one time cost.

Price to be negotiated 
Allow ten days for delivery.

Send a check, money order or cash to Lifesaver P.O. Box 17932 Irvine, CA 92606. If you need to contact Lifesaver E-mail us at Lifesavercharities@msn.com


Paypal Lifesavercharities@msn.com

If you are a school, civic group, retailer ,manufacturer and want to but the tags in bulk either as a hand out or Fundraiser contact us at E-mail Lifesavercharities@msn.com

Protect your family with Lifesaver Tags.

Her Lifesaver tags in her clothing is going to save her life.

Lifesaver Tags are not just for children. They are for active adults, seniors who walk for exercise without Identification and emergency information. The Tags are for Alzheimer patients, the handicapped and newly expectant mothers. All the above are pretty explanatory except newly expectant mothers. Many expectant parents don’t tell anyone until after the first trimester. If you are involved in an accident and are unable to tell the emergency room doctor you are pregnant he will not know he is dealing with two lives not just one

We need your help getting to Elementary schools and PTA’s, nursery/preschools, Day care centers, Baby sitting service and the head start programs in your community. It is called



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